July 11, 2019

Architectural / interior design experts Fresh Design International shortlisted to the final three companies in the RSPCA Animal Centres of the Future competition curated by RIBA Competitions

With feedback from the judging panel praising the team at Fresh Simon Wardle, Managing Director, Fresh Design International in the UK said, “We are delighted to have been shortlisted in this competition. The brief really resonated with the team and has given us the opportunity to design accommodation that would help improve the welfare of the animals and the comfort of the teams that dedicate themselves to caring for them. Something truly worthwhile”

“The [judging] panel applauded the approach and felt that the scheme had successfully considered animal welfare” adding “It was clear that the team had gone through a thorough thought process and the overall aesthetic of the scheme was liked by the panel who described it as welcoming and in keeping with their vision”.

Kristopher Jones, Architect and design lead on the project commented, “sometimes an opportunity arises that allows us to use our architectural skills to make a difference. This is a great example of just that… We have a team here that cares about animal welfare and we have been excited to be able to contribute to improving it. We’re really hoping we get to realise the ideas with the RSPCA”

The judging panel went further in their understanding of the effort put in to make the centres cost effective with modularity, Passivhaus and environmental power sources at the core of the design, commenting; “The work programme provided was felt to be well considered and the modular design enabling quicker build time and less disruption to local flora and fauna was well liked”

The final round of development remains pending.

Written by:
Simon Wardle